The Heart 集夢計畫


Lin Shih Pao is an artist that has been working on his series, "The Heart," for thity years.

It stands for the artist's aim to bring people's hearts together by creating an artwork with a collaboration of people.

Through this process of "action art," as he calls it, Lin intends to bring people closer to other people, people closer to art, and art closer to people. Both the process of creating as well as the communication between collaborators are
 important parts of his artwork. This is the style of expression and art he has developed in the U.S.

 Lin said: "A life is a drama and a drama is a life,"

"Dream is a force to move the human species; hence, the evolution starts from a dream."

The artist believes that each individual is born with a dream and lives to achieve that dream.

Imagining, seeking, and achieving one's own dream is a three-act drama called life.
 A dream emerges from a daily life.


For an artist, the dream comes to life as a language of the art.

However, as an artist, Lin knows how difficult it is to achieve one's dream. He also knows that there are people who fight a difficult battle with determination to achieve one's dream. Lin said that he has been producing his art in the vision that "art is more beautiful than a life."